Hints for find the PIN

In order to prevent the misuse of your personal data by third parties, you will receive a PIN/Dienstleistungsnummer. This PIN can be have been provided to you in various ways (see illustrations).

Please keep your PIN secret and store it safely for future use. Should your PIN come into the hands of others, contact us as soon as possible for emergency removal of your PIN.
Be advised: The user helpdesk can not create a new PIN.

Tel.: 030 2093 70000
Mail: cms-benutzerberatung@hu-berlin.de

If you are certain no third-party abuse may occur or you simply need a new PIN after losing your current one, please contact the Student Service (Referat Studierendenservice) directly.

Tel.: 030 2093 70333 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)
Contact: https://hu.berlin/contact

You will find your PIN in this letter (PIN letter):


Students of Charité (Medizinsche Fakult├Ąt)

Please look here: https://cipom.charite.de/frage/22/wo-finde-ich-meine-dienstleistungsnummer


strip beneath page of course record charite

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