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Fig.: Andreas Vollmer

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Introduction to the Guide

The guide to e-assessment at the HU Berlin summarises the core conditions of e-exams and offers recommendations for the implementation of electronic examinations. It is enriched with examples from the examination practice, an overview of questions and answers, FAQs for students as well as guidelines and handouts.


Accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin also switched to e-assessment from the summer semester 2020, as far as the requirements of the various subjects allowed.

The technical requirements (e.g. increasing server capacities) were initially created at a breathtaking pace. Just as quickly, the so-called Digital Teaching Task Force was formed, which made the complete conversion to e-learning formats of all kinds possible, while the various departments of the CMS simultaneously ensured the technical support. The legal setting (ZSP-HU) also had to be adapted, since electronic teaching, learning and assessment take place under completely different conditions than in class (e.g. insight into the private environment, recording of teaching in advance, etc.). At the end of the completely digital semester, 37% of the examinations (well over 13,000 examination cases) took place via the Moodle learning/examination platform.

When it became clear that electronic solutions would also be indispensable in the following semesters, the focus of the work of the various interest groups shifted towards new structural developments that would an could last beyond the pandemic. Although the HU Berlin will certainly remain a university of attendance, didactic developments such as the inverted classroom model and blended learning, technical possibilities such as video conferencing and electronic exam registration, legal setting conditions for automatic exam evaluations (multiple choice) and changed organisational procedures have become an integral part of the university's everyday life.

The Guide also takes this change in higher education policy into account. It is intended to provide a structured overview of the topic of e-examinations and e-assessment at the HU Berlin that can be applied to all faculties.

(status 2/16/2021)