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Fig.: Andreas Vollmer

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Exam Type: Open-book

Examinations are an important instrument for assessing performance. The open-book examination belongs to the so-called open-book procedures and, like closed-book procedures, takes place at a specific time and within a fixed time. In contrast to closed-book procedures, however, students are allowed to work with their own resources.

Open-Book with the assignment or test module (Moodle)

In an open-book exam, examinees can bring all their notes (incl. books) to a face-to-face exam and use them during the exam, usually without digital aids. In a distance examination, everything in their environment is available to them during the examination. If necessary, they may be asked to indicate the resources used.

In terms of their demands, the examination tasks belong to the cognitively more demanding high-level tasks, in which the focus is on understanding, applying and assessing the knowledge acquired in advance (or just looked up). Individual knowledge is thus transferred to more comprehensive questions that (should) have a stronger connection to the real world.

(status 2/19/2021)