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Fig.: Andreas Vollmer

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Exam Type: Take-home

Examinations are an important instrument for assessing performance. The take-home exam belongs to the so-called open-book procedures and takes place in a fixed time frame (several hours to a few days). Typical for open-book procedures, students are allowed to work with their own resources.

Take-Home Examination with the Assignment Module (Moodle)

A take-home exam is an electronic examination procedure in which students take their exam at home or in an environment of their choice. For this purpose, the examination task is activated and downloaded at a specified time. The solution created is then uploaded during the examination period (several hours to days) and thereby "marked" as submitted. Of course, it is not expected that the solution will be worked on the entire time.

Take-home exams are conducted as open exams, meaning that students have access to their notes, course materials, the internet and any other resources they wish to consult. To limit the scope, upper limits (pages, number of words) can be set, for example.

(status 2/19/2021)