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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Evaluating Exams

The examination evaluation phase includes the assessment of the performance in the examination, the communication, processing and forwarding of the results to the students and the examination office and, if required, the inspection of the individual examination on the part of the students. Finally, all data relating to the examination is saved and archived for the long term.

Assessment of the examination

Whereas in the case of the multiple choice method the assessment of the examination performance takes place almost simultaneously with the examination and automatically, examiners must carry out the assessment manually in the case of mixed methods and free-text tasks. Accordingly, students can find out their result immediately in the multiple choice procedure, but must wait for the necessary review time in other forms of examination.

Several examiners can work simultaneously on the evaluation of the examination results if they agree, i.e. distribute the examination cases. In addition to the free-text items of the test module, examinations submitted via the assignment module (file, text entry) can usually also be evaluated online. If desired, the students can subsequently be informed about the grading via Moodle.


Exam results

Due to the lack of an interface between Moodle and AGNES or POS, the results still have to be transmitted in the traditional way. The results are first exported from Moodle, whereby the list may have to be supplemented manually depending on the requirements of the responsible examination office (e.g. sorting by study). The examination results are then sent to the responsible examination office in an encrypted e-mail.

However, in order to speed up the announcement of the examination results and to prevent recurring enquiries about the grade with the examiners or in the examination office, it may be worthwhile to make the results visible via Moodle.

Test Module (Moodle): Edit settings --> Review options --> When the test is completed --> Click "Overall feedback". Then students cannot see the exam, but at least their result.

Assignment Module (Moodle): For online assessment (incl. grading), click on the option "Notify students", then students will receive the assessment (incl. feedback) by e-mail without being able to view the exam.

Of course, the individual only sees (test module) or receives (assignment module) his/her personal result.



After the examination results have been evaluated and announced, students have the opportunity and the right to view their examination results within a specified period of time. When viewing exams digitally, it is important to remember that

  1. an examinee really only gets to see his or her own "data" and
  2. viewing via screen sharing on the student's side includes the option that they can digitally record each task with screen recordings and, if desired, pass it on later as a "written exam".



The archiving of the examination courses and thus also of the examination performances and results is in the hands of the Moodle Administration (CMS). For this purpose, examination courses are "frozen" from a previously announced point in time, so that no one except the administration can access the courses. This not only prevents any accidental manipulation, but also ensures redundant backup and long-term archiving.

Should there be a need for clarification regarding a special examination at a later point in time, the corresponding course can be released again in coordination with the administration.

(status 2/19/2021)