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Fig.: Andreas Vollmer

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Access to the Exam Moodle

Information about the Login options to the Exam Moodle, i.e. the exam system of the Humboldt-University.

Access to the Exam Moodle with a HU account

Log in to the HU Exam Moodle with your HU account.

The user name consists of the 8-digit HU identifier (NOT the HU e-mail address). Only you know the password. If you have forgotten it, you can set yourself a new one using your HU PIN:

HU account password forgotten:



Access to the Exam Moodle without a HU account

If you do not have an HU account, please contact the Exam Moodle support: e-pruefungen-support@hu-berlin.de. The requirement for creating an account is the use of an e-mail address from a university or a comparable educational institution, e.g. from the FU Berlin.


If you have forgotten the password for your account for HU-externals or for testing purposes, you can set a new one via this link: