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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

An additional security for the HU account

2FA means using a second, independent factor for authentication in addition to the usual password login as a further safeguard. Factors can be secret knowledge (e.g., password), possession (e.g., TAN generator), or biometric attributes (e.g., fingerprint). Using two different, independent factors significantly increases the security of a person's authentication and is therefore used in particularly sensitive areas.

At HU, the second factor is implemented using TANs that employees can generate via an app on a mobile device. The HU recommended way is to install a free app on a smartphone or tablet which can then be used without an Internet or mobile network connection. Alternatively, the TANs can be generated using a hardware token, which can be requested in special cases.


Click here to set up a second factor for your account in the 2FA portal.


Here you can find a description of the set up process (PDF, 612 KB).