Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Research data management

Requirements of funding organizations

European Commission (Horizon 2020)

The European Commission expects:

  1. To submit a management plan in accordance with the template provided: a first version within the first six months, an updated version in the middle of the project period, and a final version in the final phase of the project.
  2. To make the within the framework of the funded project arising research data publicly available in an appropriate institutional, project- or discipline-specific repository1.
  3. To support the wide, preferably unrestricted subsequent use of research data by applying Creative Commons licenses (preferential "Attribution" CC-BY or "Public Domain" CC0) and by providing additional context information about used tools and instruments like software code, algorithms or analysis protocols.

1 For support the European Commision refers amongst others to – a webbased registry of research data repositories funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) in cooperation with German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) Potsdam, Berlin School of Library and Information Science (IBI) of HU Berlin and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Library.


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG)

The DFG expects compliance with the rules for good scientific practice and:

"If your project includes the systematic collection of research data which could be re-used later a plan detailing how this data will be transferred to existing databases or repositories should accompany your proposal. In such cases it is often advisable to contact the operators of the appropriate infrastructures during the planning phase. This allows for the use of existing standards as well as the integration of costs involved in this step into the proposal."

Additional costs can be integrated in the application, if neccessary. Please note the guidelines on the handling of research data (only German) of DFG. Further information and remarks on the placement of the plan in the application can be found at the website of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF)

The BMBF expects a "Verwertungsplan" (exploitation plan), in which inter alia the scientific and/or technical possiblities for subsequent use are to be presented:

"Independent of the economic prospects of success the scientific and/or technical prospects are to be depicted (with time horizon) - amongst others, how the planned results can be used in other ways (e.g. for public remits, databases, networks, intermediaries etc.). At this point also a possible cooperation with other institutions, firms, networks, research centers inter alia is to be included."

Further information can be found at Richtlinien für Zuwendungsanträge auf Ausgabenbasis (AZA) (only German) of BMBF.


The SHERPA Juliet database of Jisc provides an overview of the open data requirements of research funders.