Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Basic Services E-Assessment

Basic services for e-assessment are the providing of information on the topic of digital examinations at a distance and in person, the maintenance and further development of the examination system and the examination centre as well as training and support services.

As a central institution, the Computer and Media Service (CMS) is responsible for providing the infrastructure that enables digitally supported learning, teaching and testing. By infrastructure, we mean not only the provision of hardware and software, but also the conceptual development of digital teaching (including examinations), the organisation of further training, extensive support measures and a (supra-regional) commitment to this field of work in higher education policy.


Basic services

Our basic services include

  • professional development, counselling and support (see support),
  • the administration, maintenance and further development of the examination system at the HU (Prüfungsmoodle) and
  • logistics for digital examinations in presence (examination centre).

In addition, we provide extensive information on e-assessment and digital tools for teaching (see also HU digital teaching and learning landscape, HDL3) and on tools approved at the HU through corresponding testing procedures (ZSP-HU § 107a, 4) (LINK follows), which are also approved in contexts that are sensitive from a data protection perspective, e.g. examinations.

Our philosophy

As far as possible, we try to use open source products that we host ourselves and whose further development we can influence, in order to be able to guarantee a high level of data security and data protection, among other things. At the same time, we want to offer solutions in the area of basic services for teaching and studying that function largely independent of operating systems and run smoothly with different configurations of the basic services, e.g. browser and examination Moodle.

We see ourselves as a service unit that supports and promotes digital teaching and study from a technical, legal, logistical and didactic perspective.