Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Videoconferenceservice

Information for teachers

When recording you take responsibility for informing the participants, as well as the compliant usage of the gathered data and content.



  • Point the participants to the following site.
  • Start the conference early to adjust the security settings.
  • Advice that the participation with audio/video is voluntary.
  • If you want to deviate from the standard rules, inform your attendees. Above mentioned voluntariness must stay intact at all times!
  • If you start a recording, a banner will inform everyone about that. Only if you accept that the recording will start.
  • Give the participants enough time beforehand to adjust their audio/video settings.

During the recording

  • If someone wants to participate with audio/video, give the privileges on a per-user-basis (not for the whole group). Alternatively, chat is always an option.
  • Breakout sessions are not subject to the recording in the main room. You can use them to create more interactivity while keeping a certain level of privacy intact. If the host leaves the main room of the conference, the recording there will be paused.
  • Note the regulations stated under the following site.

After the recording

  • Only the host can see the recording after the conference. Participants even now still remain the right of objection. If participants demand erasion of their data within a recording, this demand must be adhered to. Thus, publishing the recording should only be done with a delay (e.g. one day after the event).
  • Even then the right of erasure remains. A recording should only be held on a platform (e.g. Moodle) for the current term and inside the corresponding training course.