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Password forgotten

How to recover your HU account with a lost password


If your HU account's password is no longer recognised by HU systems, you may be required to set a new one. In order for employees to regain access to the HU account, a new initial password letter is required. Students can set new passwords using their PIN letters in a self-service process.

Please be advised that we do not store passwords in plaintext, and cannot compare or test passwords. We also cannot give out login credentials via telephone, or email. You may, however, try your credentials with Account Info to verify if you are using correct credentials.

Users of the University Library who do not belong to the Humboldt University ought to contact the service counters of the UB.

Staff Students

If you can be reached via the inhouse mail, we can send you a new password in a letter personally addressed to you. For this please contact the User help desk.

Initial passwords can only be used to set new passwords. Only passwords subsequently set by yourself can be used for authentication with other services.

Alternatively, we can provide new initial passwords via VideoIdent. Please contact us via email for this purpose. Personal pickup of password letters on-site is currently no available.

To set a new password, use your PIN letter with this form: