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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Computer and Media Service

Password forgotten

What do you do if you have lost your password for your HU account?

Unfortunately, passwords to an HU account occasionally stop working. Because we only store all our users’ passwords in an encrypted format, we are unable to retrieve your password.

In order for you to be able to access your HU account again, we have to give you a new password. Please note that we are unable to give you the new password over the phone or even via e-mail. We have to really be certain that you are the only to receive this password.

Users of the university library are asked to please contact the staff at the lending desks of the university library.

Staff Students
If you can be reached via the internal mail service, we can send you a new password in a letter personally addressed to you. For this please contact the User help desk.

New passwords are activated immediately after being requested. Any password that you arrange to have sent to you via the internal mail is valid immediately. Remember that a password saved on your computer can then no longer be used, even though you have not yet received the letter with the new password.

You can also have a new password created at the User help desk if you attend in person. For this to happen, you have to prove your identity with an identity card or passport.
You can then create a new password just like when setting up an account.




The passwords you receive from us are only valid temporarily and have to be changed within six weeks. Only once the password has been changed is it valid for one year.