Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Computer and Media Service

Shibboleth service view

A Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) is operated at Humboldt University. This is registered in the federations 'HU-intern', 'DFN-AAI' and 'eduGAIN'.

For the authentication of HU internal services, the HU internal federation 'HU-intern' is implemented, in which the central Shibboleth IdP of the HU and HU services are located. In this context, HU internal services in the broadest sense are services that are to be used exclusively by members of the HU and whose user administration is to take place as automatically as possible via the use of the HU account.

The HU IdP is directly linked to the central IdM and thus has up-to-date account and personal data. Designed as a central authentication service, the IdP implements authentication with HU account and associated password as the first factor and a time-based PIN as the second factor.

I.e., no additional implementation on the part of the service is required to use the so-called two-factor authentication. Further information is available in the following specification: