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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Computer and Media Service

Storage services

Storage services of the Computer and Media Service (CMS) for research data management

Storage services of the Computer and Media Service (CMS) for research data management


Storage Services CMS


Support and contact

For further information, please get in contact with your local DP manager at first.

Contact partners for academics and research projects: Kerstin Helbig (coordinator for research data management).

Contact partner for DP managers and system administrators: Karsten Asshauer (coordinator for DP managers).

Detailed information can be found on the website for research data management at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

SAN (Storage Area Network)
Redundant network for provision of failsafe hard disk space on HU servers

The Humboldt-Universität SAN provides failsafe, freely configurable hard drive capacity for HU servers administered by local managers. Additional services such as snapshots or replication at a remote location for these hard drives can be provided. Technical security is ensured through simple redundancy and the distribution of servers and storage systems to several HU buildings. Secure, locked rooms with uninterruptable power supply and air conditioning are provided at the respective locations for this purpose.
Contact: santech@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/san

Backup Service / TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)
Data backup and archiving (5-15 years) for servers

The backup service provides security options for server technology, based on the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) by IBM. It can be used by the server support staff by agreement with the respective IT manager and the CMS.
Contact: tsm@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/tsm

Database Service
Storage for large quantities of information in a structured form
Databases can be used to store large quantities of information in a structured, easily accessible form. Many web systems use databases as a substructure for long-term data storage. The CMS offers PostgreSQL and MySQL databases and takes care of database administration and maintenance. The users are responsible for data administration.
Contact: dbtech@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/datenbank

Web Hosting
Infrastructure and storage space for websites on different platforms: Plone (Content-Management-System), www2-webserver (Websites), Wiki (MediaWiki), Blog (WordPress)
Web hosting is the provision of infrastructure and storage space for creating and publishing websites. Plone is the content management system operated centrally by HU for web presences, and the www2 server is the platform for traditionally created websites. Web hosting for facilities and projects enables departments and working groups to create websites quickly and easily.
Contact: web-support@hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://web-support.hu-berlin.de

Wiki (MediaWiki)
Wikis enable documentation tasks to be performed in a simple way. Working groups can use this technology directly via Wiki farm, operated by CMS.
Contact: web-support@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/wiki

Blog (WordPress)
Blogs are suitable for various communication scenarios: project websites, collections, diaries or micro-publications. A central WordPress installation can be used to quickly create a blog without having to get involved in technical administration or maintenance. Additional plugins are pre-installed to incorporate various elements such as images or footnotes.
Contact: web-support@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/blogs

Windows file service / Webfiles
Windows shared folders, also accessible via a web browser using WebDAV
By arrangement, the facilities are provided with storage space available to the PCs as a network drive (via the SMB protocol). The facilities manage on their own the partitioning of the storage space and access rights.
Webfiles enable access to the HU Windows network file service resources via a web browser or WebDAV. The service is intended for access to the HU Windows domain network drives from anywhere, i.e. from computers outside the HU network (on business trips, at home, etc.) and from any operating system (Linux, MacOS, etc.).
Contact: wintech@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/webfiles

Media Repository
Web based management for digital media files
With the Media repository, the CMS provides a new system for managing digital media data. Besides images and text, audio and video content is also directly supported. By using the system, the data can be subsequently used in other systems - in social networks, for example. The system manages a wide range of file formats and metadata. It stores and sorts media data and helps to organise work with them. This enables both open online presentations and collaborative work with closed working groups. The Media Repository assists smaller teams and also larger research projects with the administration and long-term backup of media content. We offer you the Media Repository as part of the development phase and invite you to take part in a pilot group.
Contact: mr-support@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/medien

Document and publication server
The document and publication server (edoc server) provides the general organisational and technical conditions for the electronic publication of scientific documents. As part of this joint offer from the Computer and Media Service and the University Library, scientific documents of high relevance are provided via internet for research and teaching purposes, with adherence to quality standards. The edoc server represents the technological basis for implementing the ideas formulated in the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Open Access Declaration.
Contact: edoc@cms.hu-berlin.de
Further information: https://hu.berlin/edoc

HU Box – Cloud Storage
Synchronised data storage and file sharing
The HU Box, based on the software Seafile, is a secure and also mobile storage for files. All files are in one place (in the data center of the CMS) and can be accessed worldwide from any net-enabled device. The HU Box allows file sharing and collaboration for groups and provides a personalized and synchronized data storage. Files can also be shared with HU externals to enable a cross-institutional collaboration of researchers and research groups.
Contact: Support team of CMS
Further information: https://hu.berlin/hu-box