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HU Mail Convenience Features: Forwarding, Vacation, Mail Sorting and Spam Filter

Link to access mail features directly at the fvf interface.

HU mail accounts that are provided by CMS provide a few extra convenience features: At the fvf interface (forwarding, vacation, filter), you can set automatic notifications of absence and mail forwarding, define mail filter rules and activate a spam filter.

1.    Notification of Absence

If you’re temporarily unavailable, for example due to vacation or illness, you can activate an automatic notification of absence that sends an auto-reply for a defined period of time. You can limit the auto-reply message to HU mail accounts (…, mails identified as spam or posts on mailing lists are exempt.

You can appoint a stand-in in your notification of absence including mail address, a number of pre-formulated reply messages are available for different scenarios.

2.    Mail-Forwarding

Mails sent to your HU mail account can be forwarded automatically to a different address within the HU network. You can define rules, such as a time period during which mails are forwarded or apply spam filtering or other mail sorting rules before forwarding.

CMS strongly discourages forwarding mails to accounts not within the HU network. We cannot guarantee that mails would be received on the external mail server, because many refuse messages sent via mail relay.

3.    Mail Filters

The CMS mail servers provide versatile filtering options to automatically process mails upon arrival. You define conditions that incoming mails have to meet and set actions that are executed on any such mails. For example, mails containing certain keywords in their mail subject can be moved into mail folders automatically or mails from defined senders could be marked as “private”.

4.    Spam Filter

The CMS mail server provides a spam filter that automatically moves most of the spam into a specific spam folder.
To activate the anti-spam feature, you have to first agree to our consent form, which you can fill out online.

Link to fvf interface

If you have any questions concerning HU mail’s extra features, please contact CMS-Benutzerberatung.