Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Computer and Media Service

Welcome to the Multimedia e-Learning-Center

of the Humboldt-University to Berlin

Who we are
Our goal is to promote digital technologies in science an teaching at the Humboldt Unixversity.
Our team can apply years of experience in both the technical and pedagogical sides of e-learning to help you plan and implement an educational strategy for your institution that includes e.g. the course management system Moodle as part of a complete solution.
So, you tell us about your ideas and needs and we provide the fitting practical suggestions, ranging from simple use of Moodle up to large multimedia projects.

Our offers and services
We offer e-learning-related workshops, consulting and information sheets for any member of the Humboldt University (mainly educators, but also students and other stuff).

At a glance
  • Project support and monitoring (dimekon)
    • Trainings and workshops
    • "Multimedia-Tage" (Multimedia Conference)
  • Online Service and digital resources
    • Information and Support
    • “Moodle in practice” and information sheets
    • Data base of projects realized within the "Multimedia-Förderprogramm"
  • Running projects (third party funds)
    • dimekon
    • Meta-Image
We focus on personal consulting and project support. We provide practical suggestions for your ideas and needs, ranging from simple use of the Moodle platform up to support for large multimedia projects (Multimedia-Projektdatenbank).

Our consultancy services include:
  • furthering of curiosity and eagerness to experiment as a core competence and finally as a success factor
    • technical and functional subjects of Moodle and Mneme
    • questions concerning contents and organization of course supporting tools, such as Moodle or Mneme
    • media and university matters about support of learning processes, development of competences, creation and layout of online learning material, didactical usability of collaboration features in Moodle, such as Wiki, Blog or Forum
    • project support and quality management of the multimedia and e-learning projects
Individual support or consulting for the Humboldt University institutions is offered by our project "dimekon" and sponsored by the European Social Fonds (ESF). For more information please see "The dimekon project".

Our stuff will be pleased to help you:

Moodle Supportteam (for questions concerning moodle and mneme)
Stefanie Rühl, Jana Kunze (didactics and design of courses)
Andreas Vollmer (project consulting and quality management)
Sabine Helmers (administrative project support)