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Notes on (Amor)

Hardware and operating system

Amor consists of 2 virtual machines on x86 architecture with Linux (Debian) as the operating system. The two virtual machines form a high-availability cluster, whereby the initial machine can take over all services within 10 seconds.

SSH access

An openssh daemon is running on the new amor.


Telnet is switched off for security reasons, as it transmits the authentication data (user ID and password) unencrypted. These can therefore be read by everyone. PuTTY is recommended as a replacement for telnet and WinSCP for ftp (MacOS X: Cyberduck or Fugu).

WWW server

Web server Apache 2.0

The web server supports HTTPS (encrypted HTTP) and PHP 7.

User websites

The user websites can be accessed via


The web server on the new amor now also supports PHP 7. The scripts are executed with user rights. The PHP scripts that are to be called from the outside must unfortunately be readable for everyone so that the web server can access them. However, they can include PHP scripts that can only be read by the user. This also allows information to be hidden on the computer.

Two PHP files with the names public.php, which is readable for everyone (chmod 644 public.php), and private.php, which is only readable for the user (chmod 600 private.php). The file private.php contains my actual script and the file public.php only contains the embedding of privat.php. The access rights should look as follows, whereby the user ID (rolandm) and the group (p0053) will be different.

roland @ amor [ /home/p0053/h0053l66/public_html

[49]% ls -l *.php

-rw------- 1 rolandm p0053 31 Mar 6 08:50 privat.php

-rw-r--r-- 1 rolandm p0053 139 Mar 6 08:50 oeffentlich.php

Content of public.php:


require( 'privat.php' );


Command line mail programs

As the inboxes are not integrated into the file system, the mailboxes can only be queried via IMAP. The programs pine and mutt are available for this purpose. The elm program can no longer be used.

Requests, criticism and problems

If you have any requests for additional software or problems, or simply want to make a criticism, please contact Mathias Roland.