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Web browser: Delete cache and cookies

How do I delete my browser's cache and cookies?


It is often the case that stored data from your surfing behavior conflicts with contradictory information and, for example, websites display outdated content or functions do not run smoothly.

If you do not switch off your computer regularly or always have your browser open, we recommend restarting your computer first.

Otherwise, we recommend deleting the browser cache and saved cookies from time to time or as a first step in the event of acute problems.

The procedure varies from browser to browser. We therefore refer you to the support pages of the respective providers.

Chrome: Empty cache and delete other browser data

Firefox: Clear recent browsing, search and download history

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Opera: Delete private data

Safari on Mac:

  1. Deleting the history in Safari on Mac
  2. Prevent the recording of visited websites in Safari on Mac

Safari on iPhone / iPad: Remove or delete saved Safari content

Internet-Explorer: Deleting and managing cookies


Once you have successfully deleted the cache and cookies, close the browser and restart it.