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Notes on PuTTY

What is this program?

The "PuTTY" program is a command line or terminal program for secure access to servers. These should have an SSH server running.


"PuTTy" can be downloaded from the website The link "Download" will take you to the list of files and under the item "Binaries" and there "For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP on Intel x86" you will find the "putty.exe". You must download and save this file.

Who can log in to amor with "PuTTY"?

All users who have a valid CMS account (e-mail address) can log in to amor.

Login to amor with "PuTTY"

Please start the program "putty.exe" or just "putty". In the following window, please enter "" as "Host Name" or any other computer name where you know that you can log in via SSH.





















The following window only appears the first time you connect from one computer to another. Please make sure that the displayed signature of the key (ssh-rsa 1024 85:...) is the same as yours. If this is the case, please click on "Yes". Every other computer has a different signature.














You will now receive a login prompt where you simply enter your user ID (without @...).















You will now be asked for your password, which you should now enter.















If the following screen appears, you are now logged in to amor. If you are asked to log in again, you have either entered an incorrect account or password, or your account cannot be used.















That's it! Have fun working!