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Set up or update a homepage

Set up homepage

The CMS ("Computer- und Medienservice") of Humboldt university offers all registered users the opportunity to publish their own WWW pages without any bureaucratic hurdles. The only requirement is a personal HU account. With this HU account, you can log into your home directory here using a web browser:

Then there are only a few minor preparations to make.

  • A folder public_html must be created in your own home (./) directory .
  • The file access rights for the home directory and for the public_html folder must be set as shown in the illustrations.
home ./ drwx--x--x


public_html drwxr-xr-x

  • Creation of a sample homepage that anyone can change according to their wishes.
The homepage can then be accessed at the following URL:

Your HU account must be used for username (e.g. meieruwe). You can also use our URL shortener to get a more memorable address for your homepage, e.g.

You can create any number of files and other directories in the public_html directory. However, you should bear in mind the quota value of 50 GB per user, which must not be exceeded. Of course, all pages must be written in HTML. A good introduction to HTML is provided by Stefan Münz, which can be found at With tools such as Pelican, even non-programmers can quickly create their own websites.
Experienced HTML designers will prefer a normal ASCII editor to "get the most out" of HTML. The finished HTML files and everything that belongs to the website only need to be transferred to the public_html directory and given the -rwxr--r-- rights there.