Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Computer and Media Service


  • Tables
    So that all browsers can adapt the table display to the current size of their window, please enter the table/column width in relative terms:
    table width="90%" ...
    td width="35%" ...
    The same applies to height.
  • Images
    The screen reader reads the screen content to blind people. It "says" the alt text specified for img instead of the image:
    img src="" alt="HU-Logo" align="middle"
  • Anchor
    The W3C has specified: Anchors must begin with a letter.
    The previously common notation e.g. id="1.1" name="1.1" works, but is no longer correct and is recognized as an error by the Web Developer.
  • here
    The screen reader offers blind users the option of having only the links available on the page announced; so it may say
    here here here ... .
    This makes it clear why meaningful words should be linked.