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How do I use the Xenu link checker?

  • You call up the program installed on your PC
    e.g. C:\Program Files\Xenu\Xenu.exe
  • Click on the File tab
  • Click on Check URL
    Enter the URL from (and below) which should be checked, e.g.
    (Please be sure to set the final / )
  • You can also have a single file checked, e.g.

Xenu lists all errors and also the incorrect anchors (anchor/local link).
This is very, very helpful for correcting your pages.

If you think you have corrected all links, please call Xenu again at ...
Only when "0 broken link(s) reported" and "0 bad local link(s) reported" is listed, you should be satisfied.

Some error codes:
    error code: 404 (not found), linked from page(s):


the page contains the dead link

Reason: the directory merk is no longer at the root, but under /beratung/merk

You must therefore go to,
log in,
find the link
and correct it to,
You can only make the correction if your account has the appropriate rights for the BA or BA/standard page.

  • error code: 401 (auth required) = Note that you must authenticate yourself with a password if you want to read the page in question.
    It could also be an indication that the page is not published.
    Intentional or forgotten?

(Not all errors are really errors: e.g.: If a server is accessed that is down at that very moment, the links pointing to it are shown as errors. But they are not really errors).