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Explanations regarding the application form

Please send the completed application form to this address:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Computer- und Medienservice (CMS)
Tel.: 2093 70000
Fax.: 2093 70199
E-Mail: cms-benutzerberatung@hu-berlin.de



You can only submit a permanent application if you are managed by the Human Resources Division of Humboldt-Universität. To do this you will need your employee number.




Your date of birth must also be specified.


You can only apply for a special, function-related HU-Account if you already have a personal, permanent HU-Account. Special HU-Accounts are generally limited to the end of calendar years.


If your application is fixed-term, we will always email you the renewal application form for the following year to the mailbox belonging to the account. The application form will be sent as a PDF file at the turn of the year.



It is imperative that you also specify existing HU-Accounts.

You only need to specify the address of your institution, if you cannot be contacted via the internal mail.

You can determine the OKZ (organisation reference number) of your institution here:


http://hu.berlin/zis      (only via the HU intranet or VPN)


If you are not managed by the HU Human Resources Division, it is imperative that you allow your membership in Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to be confirmed by your institution. This confirmation is achieved with the signature of the head and the stamp of the institution concerned. Please also state the name and HU-Account of the signatory in block letters. Your HU-Account is valid until the end of the calendar year at most. At the turn of the year we will ask you to renew the account with an email sent to the mailbox belonging to your HU-Account.


If you are enrolled at HU (e.g. as a doctoral candidate or as a student), please request that your HU-Account is set up using this form:







Further information

We will assign your HU-Account and your first password. The HU-Account is your university-wide unique access to IT services and cannot be freely assigned. It usually consists of the first 7 characters of your surname and the first letter of your first name (as long as this string is not already taken).


First of all, please change the default password assigned by us. Only after this change will you be able to use your password in other systems. The password must always be changed within one year. Four weeks before the expiry of the password you will receive a reminder in the form of an automatically generated email. If you do not change your password before the deadline, your HU account will be blocked (not deleted!).



All information related to your HU-Account will be sent to the mailbox of your HU-Account. More information can be found on the Computer and Media Service websites, at





and, specially for HU-Accounts, at





The processing time of your application is max. 2 working days. You will then receive a written confirmation with your HU-Account and the temporary password in a letter via the internal mail.



For further information please contact the user help desk.